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Cheetah Data Interchange – Customer

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Cheetah Data Interchange provides seamless integration between Cheetah and existing Production and Legacy Application Systems such as Order Entry, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory and Warehousing. The data interchange is designed to be asynchronous and real-time.

The main function of the Data Interchange is to integrate existing information including Orders, Routes, Drivers, Equipment, Cross Dock and Web Service CSV, XML into the Cheetah Platform.

Input to Cheetah consists of delivery orders (including PROs, Tickets, Invoices, Service Calls, etc.), customer records, line items, completion status, and pickups.  These orders and associated changes usually enter the system from the customer’s order entry system.  This information is communicated to/by Cheetah through a file transfer with the client’s order entry system.  Routes can be also imported from and exported to the client’s legacy system.

Data can be exchanged through common appropriate means; the best method often depends on the systems being linked. Our solutions favor the most fault tolerant methods available and appropriate for the given need.


  • Data files or records are produced for export
  • New formats are easily created as needed and may be set out as customization work
  • Connections to new systems are easily created and are generally customization work
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Flexible
  • Supports standard data formats and protocols