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Cheetah Mobile puts the power of the Cheetah transportation logistics system in the hands of drivers, technicians, and other field workers. Cheetah Mobile provides a data-rich and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, provides instant access to information, and makes data entry faster than ever–resulting in improved efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced customer service, and higher profitability for Cheetah customers.

Cheetah Mobile plays a vital role in keeping the drivers connected in real time to the customers and the supporting employees in the office.

Cheetah Mobile connects field workers with dispatch, customer service, management, and customers, in real time, via two-way messaging, dynamic ETA updates, and POD verification. Field efficiency and safety is further improved with voice navigation providing turn-by-turn directions driven by live pickup and delivery information. Finally, training is reduced through an intuitive touchscreen interface that is standardized across all Android devices.

In addition, the Android platform supports a wide variety of smartphones and tablets on all major US carriers–Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile–thus meeting the needs of any organization. This variety of available hardware means that features once available only with more expensive devices, such as barcode scanning, signature capture, and high-quality cameras, are now available at all price points.

Better Access to Information

Expanded route list and dynamic ETA visibility provide immediate access to route detail information, needed to search for information.

Color-coded side bars on route list provide at-a-glance stop status to allow for proactive route management

Barcode scanning provides instant order verification and item identification that can be fed into backend systems

Improved Efficiency

Intuitive UI reduces keystrokes and promotes faster stop processing

Self-adjusts to current stop, reducing the need for driver intervention

Reduction in the number of screens needed to convey complete route status and history

Saving the history of past signers reduces the time needed to complete stops requiring the collection of signatures

Pre-populated start mileage and vehicle ID fields reduce the time needed to begin the work day

Clear and informative icons reduce the effort and time required to comprehend pertinent information

Multi-ticket processing capability allows field workers to process all tickets on a stop at once or selectively, reducing the time needed for complex orders

Directed workflow results in fewer mistakes and less time needed to resolve mistakes

Enhanced Customer Service

Ability to take and send pictures in real time allows for immediate dispute resolution

Signature capture enables real-time verification of order acceptance and Proof of Delivery (POD)

Ease of messaging encourages greater communication to and from the field and reduces the need for voice communications

Mobile devices increase time spent in front of customers compared to in-cab devices

Increased Productivity

Intuitive UI reduces training time

Turn-by-turn voice directions reduce miles and fuel use

Built-in help menu reduces support calls

Easily managed app updates reduce maintenance burden

Better Safety

Turn-by-turn voice directions reduce the driver’s need to refer to the screen while driving

GPS tracking provides the ability to locate drivers instantly in case of accident or theft