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Cheetah Service Desk – Customer Service

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Cheetah Customer Service applications provide information on routes and stops for customer service to use when providing support to customers and on quality metrics when reviewing individual driver performance

Cheetah Service Desk and Cheetah Stop Monitor are the applications used by the CSRs to view Predicted ETA’s, Real-time maps and Status, Track Orders, Messaging, and Historical and Live GPS.

Cheetah Service Desk

Service Desk supports the data entry, searching and updating features required to service the customer and give them up-to-date information about their orders. The application offers searching for customer orders by name, phone number, or transaction number.  Orders are presented with all relevant information needed by a customer service representative while conversing with a customer.  Basic order management functions such as rescheduling and canceling can be performed within this interface.  Additionally, special instructions and other special handling notes can be placed into an order through this screen.  Messages can be sent to the driver performing a stop for a customer from the Service Desk.  Additionally, the history of message communication between Terminal Office and Customers and the Drivers is available for viewing through this application.  While a customer is on the phone, the customer service representative can see the currently projected arrival time and the ETA to the stop for that customer, as well as other information about the current status of the stop.

Cheetah Stop Monitor

The Customer Stop Monitor is used to monitor the progress of the drivers during the day and is used to provide the CSR with information regarding stops that are going to potentially be late or that have some problem with the delivery. This information is used to contact the customer and track their interaction. All potential problems are assigned among available CSRs and are prioritized according to the severity of the problem. This subsystem is continuously updated by Cheetah Logistics Framework in real time.

Cheetah Customer Service Application Features and Display details:

Name, address and phone number

Line-item order/service information

Special instructions & comments

Customer digital signature and signer name

Projected & actual arrival and depart times

Pre-caller name, status, and time

View route progress

View stop status for exceptions

Route id, stop no., dock, and driver

Modification history

Cheetah Stop Monitor application can:

Prioritize customer’s potential or actual problems

Allocate issues across available CSR for immediate resolution

Track customer contacts with date time and response.

Filter issues by location and type of issue

Assign driver messaging to specific CSRs

Dispatchers and Customer Service Representatives can:

Search for orders by name, phone numbers, transaction, or PRO

Search for driver by name or ID

Update customer information

Add or modify a pickup or delivery transaction

Add special instructions, notes, or other comments

Cancel or reschedule orders in the query screen

Send and receive messages from drivers

View messaging history associated with an order