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Operational Overview

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Creating a roadmap to success begins with Discovery and Goal Setting.

Our team of seasoned industry experts will ask questions during our operational overview to determine the status of your current conditions.  The findings will be documented and reviewed with you to better understand your current operations vs how you would like to be operating and will help to determine which implementation path makes the most sense for your business. We will also help identify opportunities for improvement.

This Operational Overview and Business Review helps us determine:

The current process and relationships between people, equipment, and data.

Who the your customers are, as well as their needs and expectations

The business drivers (pain points) behind the decision to change routing solutions

Compliance and auditing needs

Internal and external obstacles to a fully optimized solution

The level of management change required

The time and level of training needed for various staff members

The measure of success at the end of the process

Once we have the above information we can produce an implementation plan, a roadmap for the entire process, which also includes expectations on both sides of the table regarding the following items:



Resources Needed


Time lines and Deliverables